Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A fun Visit

We were so excited to get visitors.  Kelsey, Ray, Kaedra and Logan came down to visit.   I  so love  to see my Niece and nephew.
Logan is just too cute.

We were able to go do lots of stuff.  eating out seemed to be on the list a lot.

Logan decided that while in California he should get nice and sick.  So we had to take him to the E.R.   They gave him a breathing treatment and a steroid shot and sent us on our way.  We purchased a humidifier and that helped a lot.  He was such a trooper.  

In and Out Burger.  That was a good lunch.

This boy makes the most fun faces.

The Curse game.  

Logan really get into the role playing of his games.

Kaedra was a big helper.

This was fall on the floor laughing.

Kaaedra was being a very loving big sister while logan was sick.  She even made a really pretty song about  how she loved him.

Logan was not sure why Bruce (bearded dragon) was out running around on the floor.

Kaedra thought it was funny to see Bruce running around.

Kaedra found the little legos and wanted to make something.

We had so much fun and miss them so much already.

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