Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A fun Visit

We were so excited to get visitors.  Kelsey, Ray, Kaedra and Logan came down to visit.   I  so love  to see my Niece and nephew.
Logan is just too cute.

We were able to go do lots of stuff.  eating out seemed to be on the list a lot.

Logan decided that while in California he should get nice and sick.  So we had to take him to the E.R.   They gave him a breathing treatment and a steroid shot and sent us on our way.  We purchased a humidifier and that helped a lot.  He was such a trooper.  

In and Out Burger.  That was a good lunch.

This boy makes the most fun faces.

The Curse game.  

Logan really get into the role playing of his games.

Kaedra was a big helper.

This was fall on the floor laughing.

Kaaedra was being a very loving big sister while logan was sick.  She even made a really pretty song about  how she loved him.

Logan was not sure why Bruce (bearded dragon) was out running around on the floor.

Kaedra thought it was funny to see Bruce running around.

Kaedra found the little legos and wanted to make something.

We had so much fun and miss them so much already.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

We have a tradition of opening p.j.s on Christmas Eve,  I thought they didn't care that much, but I guess they do get excited about it.  Needless to say it is a tradition we will keep. 

Christmas morning lining up with only 2 is kinda hard but hey we can still try.

With Cathy and Brandi taking vacation in Europe, we were really excited  to receive fun gifts form  the great places they visited.

Buck got a new Kuereg coffee maker. The boys are excited it make hot chocolate too.

And the big gift the boys waited all morning for.
Cody got a new ipod touch.

Justin got a new iPod  it holds lots more music.

We had a great afternoon with new friends.  The girls played My new Just dance on the connect.
We really had a wonderful day,  We made sure to remember the reason for the season... Jesus we are so glad he came to this earth to die for us and remove our sins.  

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Times Like This

As some you might know, there was a Helicopter crash in my husbands  squadron on Wednesday.   Though he was not in the aircraft this has been a really rough week.  All four crew members are alive, but beat up pretty good.  One of the air-crewmen  is a pretty close family friend, we have know him for around 18 years.  This has been hard on the whole squadron. They are still in the process of getting ready to leave in just about a month and have to get right back at it.  They will have to start flying again onTuesday.  Buck being in a leadership position volunteered to be in the first flight back up,
I know he has flights all the time and I am not worried.  I am blessed in his ability to show those around him that we have to keep going.  

I  have just been thinking so much about the little things.  Buck almost always washes his  own flight suits, because these are the things that I pull out when I get ready to wash them.  They have lots of pockets

Check out that 4000 hour patch.  He received that in June and has put may more hours on his card since then.   He was super proud that morning that he got to wear it to work. 

This is the door on the ship.

The helo 

I am so proud of Buck for his service. Danger is everywhere Buck adds to his chances of accident by flying in a helicopter, but we wouldn't change his job for anything.  He loves it, and I love him.  I will say this whole situation has made me think of life and death and how it can happen to anyone at anytime.  At church we have been talking of end times and it has really hit home.  Are you right with God? Because we don't know when it is our time to go.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thankful day 12. doTerra

I  have found the pretty cool product.  I am having so much fun making stuff, making the house smell good and using it for great cleaning. 
It is called doTerra essential oils.  The uses are endless and I am excited about it.  I am supposed to be selling it but really so far I am just having fun experimenting with it.

Here are some of the things  I have made.  lotion for my tennis elbow, lip balm, face moisturizer , lotion bar, lotion, and an oatmeal lotion for Cody's arm for after his cast came off.

The other day I made a chest rub for two of my sister's kids.  I am hoping they will love it.

Stuff for making lotion.

Thankful day 11 Scouts.

I love what  scouts stands for.  I love how involved my family has been and how much fun and adventure it brings into our life.
Getting ready to go walk in a Parade.

Working on a Merit Badge with Grandma Cathy.

Cody getting his tenderfoot rank.

Justin receiving some merit badges.

Selling popcorn.  The boys are earning money for scout camp.

Buck and Justin on a 3 day canoe trip.

Rock climbing in Joshua Tree.

I could not list the amount of activities that have enriched  our family.  We are very thankful for this  wonderful organization and all it stands for.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Thankful day 9 and 10, Vacations and Adventures

I could not even try to list all of the great vacations and adventures we have.  So here is jus a few photos

Justin in Pinchot forest WA. going on a bike ride.

Rock climbing in Yosemite.  (I was actually just a foot off the ground)

Mt Hood Meadows Snowboarding.

Craig and Cathy took the kids to Florida to see Harry Potter World.

A trip to Disneyland.

The Olympic national Rain Forest.

South Carlsbad State Park. With Church family.

The white mountains of Arizona.

The Grand Canyon.

Big Tree State Park. Northern California.

Stopped for lunch in Yosemite.

Big Bear CA.  for some snowboarding.

Joseph Or.  A family reunion.

my awesome family at Yosemite falls.  

Did I ever think in my adventures that we would walk within 15 feet of a bear. Yosemite.

Buck's bike trip Called Epic.  San Francisco.

I am thankful for the adventures we have already experienced and really excited for all that are ahead.